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Climate Changemakers is a program that will help you direct your own experiences and strengths towards shaping a solutions-oriented climate initiative unique to your personal or professional context. 

How? By learning about the scope of climate challenges in the Alberta context, and frameworks to address them like systems thinking, land-based learning, climate science, climate policy, a just energy transition, reconciliation, peer learning, and more.

You will find yourself deepening connections to your peers, and building your community through this experiential program. 

Climate Changemakers has finished accepting applications




Explore climate and social justice issues and learning frameworks through dynamic and interactive sessions with a diverse group of participants.





Hear from guest speakers, apply systems thinking and practice working in complexity with your group. Get matched with a peer mentor to deepen your connection, develop your initiative, and further your learning opportunity. 




Translate your learnings into an initiative of your own to take climate action in your personal life or organization.  Share your idea or even your completed project this Fall at Moving Mountains - Regen’s community showcase for inspiring climate action and celebration!

Topics of study




Climate Changemakers is made possible by our generous donors and funders. We endeavour to remove all barriers to your participation. Our program operates on a sliding scale fee model to maximize its accessibility. We know you will choose the option that best suits you.

  • $0 for keen participants

  • $200 for comfortably employed participants

  • $200-$1000 for employer-supported participants

We offer bursaries for transportation, child care, or other financial support as requested.

Please contact Mike at to discuss your needs.



The 2022 Climate Changemakers program will take place over 14 sessions. 

The sessions on Tuesday evenings will take place either online or in-person. As we gain more clarity about COVID-19 gathering rules, we will determine how we can safely proceed. We ask that you plan for in-person participation. Climate Changemakers is highly relational - there is such a richness in the relationships cultivated. 

The sessions on Saturdays will take place in person at the University of Calgary Biogeoscience Institute at the Barrier Lake Field Station in Kananaskis Country. Much of this time will be spent outdoors. A light breakfast and a bag lunch will be provided for the Saturday sessions. We ask that you be prepared to commute to Kananaskis. We will help facilitate car-sharing arrangements as is needed and comfortable.  


Peer mentorship sessions will take place between workshops and retreats to help move your idea along, and build relationships with your peers inside your group. 


Climate Changemakers is at its best when everyone is present. Of course, we understand schedule conflicts. We encourage you to show up as much as possible to maximize your experience, and the experience of your group.



The best kept secret about Climate Changemakers is the relationships you build with the other participants.



This program empowered me to integrate climate action into all aspects of my life without feeling overwhelmed. I now get to focus on climate action in one way or another through my work, friendships, and volunteer time. It has become an integral part of who I am.



I got the information, knowledge, skills, and strategies to apply my climate action passion to my workplace, and have influence there.



The diverse participants made an impression on me. In my leadership journey, the program improved my facilitation skills.



Climate Changemakers helped me better understand where my skills and experiences might contribute to positive change in addressing the climate crisis.

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