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(formerly the Climate Leadership Program) 



Alana-Dawn is passionate about climate justice, anti-oppression and a transition to a more sustainable way of living on this planet that honours and respects the interconnectedness of our well-being. She is an alumni of the Next Up Climate Leadership Program, and has a Master’s degree community development social work and an undergrad in international development and environmental studies. Alana-Dawn Eirikson has worked and volunteered in the community development and environmental sustainability field for 10 years. She has extensive experience in developing collaborative projects/programs, research and writing, building relationships and partnerships, and creative community engagement. She is excited to be apart of Moving Mountains!

(formerly the Climate Leadership Program) 

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Aman first contributed to Calgary’s curbside dining scene when he elevated the food truck concept from ‘street meat’ to a highly sought after, award winning, restaurant on wheels - Eat Naaco (2012-2017). It was a unique entrepreneurial model that allowed Aman to serve kick-ass food while also contributing to stronger communities, and the local food landscape.

Aman deeply believes that social enterprise is the future of food. He insists that the product he offers be high-quality and compelling, and that social, environmental, and economic metrics are not only equally weighted, but embedded into the organizational DNA.

Aman is a valued board and committee member for various governmental and nonprofit organizations and initiatives, a coach to aspiring food entrepreneurs, and a highly engaged citizen.

Chef, entrepreneur, and activist - Aman is now embarking on a new project, Fare Community: a transformative hospitality group that takes a multi-faceted approach to creating a food economy that can tackle important environmental (food surplus) and societal (barrier employment, food security) issues.

The future of our food system is in our hands. We are all explorers of an edible planet and we must consume it in a responsible way. Let us use food to increase our understanding of poverty and waste.

(formerly the Climate Leadership Program) 



Courtney grew up in Calgary playing in and exploring the Bow River and Fish Creek park. From a young age she learned that the big picture is made up of many small and important things that are often easily missed. This shaped her perspective in life and art which has become her career. In 2012 Courtney graduated from The Alberta University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Design Degree and partnered her creative efforts with Michael Glaser, founding Barun Fox, an internationally awarded two person design studio. Throughout her design career she has focused on blurring the lines of design, advertising, and illustration to land in a place of honest storytelling with a focus on environmental awareness. Her goal is to translate stories through multiple creative mediums including branding, packaging, print collateral, web design, and filmmaking, as well as empowering others to tell their own stories in creative and curious ways.

(formerly the Climate Leadership Program) 


Aakhil Lakhani is a queer and trans, South Asian, Muslim community organizer, activist, and mental health worker with a disdain for labels. Born and raised in amiskwaciy waskahikan, they have a connection to farmlands in Gujarat, the Serengeti, and kisiskâciwanisîpiy. Armed with a degree in Chemical Biomedical Engineering, 27 years of life experience, and a desire to understand and improve the way they relate to their community, the land, and all creation, Aakhil strives for just and healthy communities and societies. They spend most of their time engaging scientific, narrative, cultural, and embodied ways of knowing to address the impact and root causes of systemic oppression and cuddling with their 14 year old Chihuahua. As a result of both practices, Aakhil believes that investing in the healing and empowerment of marginalized communities will result in the emergence of innovative solutions to the complex systemic problems that plague society at large. Currently, Aakhil is working on establishing a space for decolonization of the practice and study of an inclusive Islam in Edmonton. As a poet, lyricist, and drummer Aakhil creates art to learn how to better love themselves and others.

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